What will I learn?

Our courses will teach you how to improve your finances, protect your earnings, save time managing them, and build wealth. They use common language to keep things simple, and will benefit you regardless of your income. There will be worksheets and templates available for download, and each course can be completed at your own pace.

The first course, the Money Moves Accelerator, will cover financial planning and budgeting, debt elimination strategies, high-yield savings options, and how to automate your finances. It will also dive into saving for retirement.

The second course from Beworth, launching 2020, will focus more heavily on wealth generation and growth. While we suggest everyone take our first course to get the basics down, our second course will best fit those who already have an emergency savings fund (4-6 months), and are contributing at least 10% of their income towards retirement. This course will cover investing for beginners (stocks, bonds and real estate), how to max out your retirements savings, and other ways to make your wealth grow.

Both courses will provide access to a community of like-minded people all looking to improve their finances. The course platform will also include a discussion board for comments and questions you have along the way.


How are courses delivered?

Courses are run using an online learning platform called Teachable, that is already trusted by over 140,000 courses for 15 million students worldwide. Using this platform, Beworth Finance will deliver a customized learning experience complete with content made just for you. There will also be a discussion board for any questions or comments you have along the way.



How will I know when courses go live?

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Do you work with Certified Financial Planners?

The Certified Financial Planner (CFP) accreditation and related exams are mainly used for selling investment products like mutual funds, stocks, bonds, etc. or managing the financial assets of clients. Beworth Finance does not sell or offer any of those things. Instead, we provide educational material that places you in charge of your own financial decisions.



Will courses ask for my financial information?

No. Beyond the credit card, Stripe account or PayPal information used to purchase the course itself, Beworth Finance will not request or store any of your personal financial information. The course is designed to put you in control of your financial future, and while we may provide templates, worksheets and workbooks within the course, all of that information is available for download, and none it is stored within the course or Teachable platform.