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How often do you think about money?

People spend a lot of time stressing out about money.

Do you worry that you don’t make enough, or you don’t know where it goes at the end of every paycheck?

Maybe you know what you should be doing, but have a problem actually doing it.

Beworth Finance eliminates all of that.

A lot of financial information can be confusing or boring. That’s why we offer approachable advice for the average money maker — and we’re not talking about cutting out coffee or coupons. We’re talking about small but mighty changes to help you live the life you love.


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Hi, I’m Kimberly

Founder & Educator

The Founder and Educator at Beworth Finance.

A little about me. I was not a finance major in college, and never hit the lottery. I am a proud New Yorker that moved to Washington, DC making $15/hour in 2012. I was 24 and spent A LOT of time being stressed about money (and even more time learning what to do with it). But through that process, I perfected a system that allowed me to pay off over $40,000 worth of student debt in three years, double my income in four, and buy my first home, before my 30th birthday, in five.

My point here isn’t that I did something extraordinary. My point is that if I could do it, you can do it too. I designed our courses to show you how.

Beworth the investment in your financial future.

Wishing you good fortune, in all ways,


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