Meet the Founder,
Kimberly Hamilton

Kimberly Hamilton is a Washington, DC transplant and proud New Yorker. After earning her Masters degree in 2012, she moved to DC to work for a consulting firm. Making $15/hour, paid monthly, with over $40,000 in student debt, she had a crash course in learning how to manage her money.

Over the next few years, following extensive research and two calls with a financial advisor, she developed a system of managing and automating her finances that not only enabled her to pay off her debt, but also to buy her first home before her 30th birthday. In doing so, she noticed a lack of easily understood information regarding not only personal finance management, but also first-time home ownership, investing, and best practices in saving for retirement.

The courses offered by Beworth Finance are intended to address that gap. In a writing and teaching style that uses common language and pop-culture references, they are designed to be more approachable, and more easily digested by the average money maker.

When not running Beworth Finance, Kimberly still works for that same consulting firm, which now pays entry-level staff a higher starting pay. She is a travel junkie, pilates enthusiastic, wannabe foodie, and personal finance nerd.

Credit: Jia Imagery


About Beworth Finance

Beworth Finance LLC was established in 2019 to help people spend less time worrying about money, and more time on the things that matter to them most. It is an online personal finance education company, focused on helping the average money maker. It does this by providing personal finance advice in a way that is easily understood and approachable. We know that most financial information available to the public can be confusing or boring — and financial advisors can be really expensive. That’s why our online courses are designed to make it more personable, and less intimidating to the average money maker.