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Want to know if your finances are on the right track? In less than 2 minutes, our Smart Money Moves Checklist will run you through a series of quick questions to get you thinking about your financial health and priorities. You’ll also get some resources you can use to make and grow your money quicker.

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Have student debt questions? You’re not alone. That’s why our Founder, Kimberly Hamilton, did a LIVE Instagram Q&A event on July 15, 2019. Enter your email below to see a PDF version of what you missed.



Get some credit score magic

Is your credit score is struggling, or you’re wondering how an application for a credit or a mortgage may affect it? Check out the “What’s really in a Credit Score?” Guide where we go over what makes up your credit score, how to get a copy of your credit report, and how to report any discrepancies to get it flying high ASAP!


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Beworth Finance


Hi everyone!

Kimberly here, the Founder of Beworth Finance, where we help you to spend less time worrying about money, and more time on the things that matter to you most.

Later this year we’ll be rolling out two online courses that will teach you step-by-step how to improve your finances, automate them, and make your wealth grow. In the meantime, I thought it’d be fun to give away some tools for free! Starting with the Smart Money Moves Checklist, just enter your email above and enjoy!

Wishing you good fortune, in all ways,



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